Karina Taira

Born in San Francisco, Karina first picked up a camera when she was six and by fifteen, she was shooting documentaries and personal conceptual art projects. She started her professional career at nineteen, while still attending Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

After moving to New York, she got her breakthrough with an award-winning Diesel perfume campaign, which led to major editorial and advertising work in Paris, Milan, London and Tokyo, and a contract with Life magazine to shoot a series of celebrity covers.

Karina specializes in luxury and beauty, but has also shot dozens of campaigns/commercials, from cars to fragrance, all over the world. What sets her work apart is an approach that is intensely atmospheric, soulful and sensual, distinctly feminine, with a unique organic touch.

At present, Karina divides her time between Paris and Milan, and the rest of the world, traveling from project to project, while dancing tango in Buenos Aires and working on personal works in the moments in between.