Martina Margaux Cozzi

Martina Margaux is an award-winning film and creative director who specialises in art films and curated experiences for artists, brands and institutions.

Her diverse artistic and educational background – ranging from performing arts to cutting-edge immersive experiences – unlocks a constantly regenerative, art-driven and unique creative approach.

She has won several international awards including “Best Director” at the Fine Arts Film Festival and “Best Creative Concept” at Seattle Fashion Film Festival; her films have been selected for the world’s most prestigious art and short film festivals.

Her fine art perspective and personal style set her apart in the arts and luxury landscape, making her the perfect fit to lead the creative direction and strategic storytelling for bespoke, engaging content, ultimately delivering unforgettable experiences to the aesthetic, experiential and professional fulfilment of audiences, stakeholders, artists and crew.

Martina Margaux Cozzi Portfolio for 360FX