Sergi Planas

Born in the charming Costa Brava (Catalonia) and raised in the south of Spain, Sergi is insatiably curious by nature. Growing up with a fascination for science and technology, as well as a love for artistic expression, he found his craft in the abstract science of filmmaking, which allows him to blend all his passions.

It is precisely this mix of technical and emotional elements that sets his work apart, characterized by strong aesthetic sensibility, dynamism, and engaging storytelling.

After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan, Sergi began his professional career as a creative in the fashion industry, later specializing as a director for luxury and beauty.

Currently, Sergi continues to innovate in the field of luxury advertising. When he’s not directing, he pursues his curiosity in AI and space exploration, getting inspired by the unknown and the cutting-edge.

Sergi Planas Portfolio for 360FX