YSL - Director's cut

If you need to recharge your skin to look perfect even after a wild night out, look no further! The Pure Shots Night Reboot serum from YSL is here and just waiting for you. Dominated almost entirely by an underground club vibe, the film perfectly balances dark, strobe-lit nightclub scenes with lighter, almost ethereal beauty shots. Strong diagonal lines create dynamic frames and serve as transitions, seamlessly linking one shot to the next. The protagonists of the film are both the moonlight cactus and the model’s skin: the former being one of the serum’s key ingredients, and the latter always captured from a low angle, emphasizing its clarity and perfect texture. Director Live: Barbara Anastacio; DOP Live: Benoit Debie; Director Tabletop: Thibault Jouvent; DOP Tabletop: Jean Poisson

Director Live: Barbara Anastacio; Director Tabletop: Thibault Jouvent